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  • shareate service for customers of tricone bit in mines.

    Shareate has always attached great importance to the after-sales service for our customers, which is the core competitiveness we are proud of. When the domestic epidemic situation was under control, our high leaders personally visited several domestic customers on the further business cooperation a

  • New record high in Vale's operations of Shareate 9-7/8" SGA635 tricone bit

    We are happy to report a new record high in Vale's operations: Shareate 9-7/8" SGA635 tricone bit achieved a performance of Meter drilled: 12,814m, ROP: 79m/hr. in Vale S11D, Iron Ore mine. Appreciate sent for customer's trust and also our distributor Drillco's effort.

  • New SGV series mining tricone bit

    Shareate is happy to report of excellent performance with our latest SGV series mining tricone bit, the average meter of SGV increased significantly compared with conventional SGA series, help our customers reducing the cost per meter and increasing the bit service life.

  • Shareate distributed moon cakes to send the Mid Autumn Festival blessing

    With the annual national day coming, Shareate is about to have an eight-day holiday, and this year's holiday has been extended by one day because of the coincidence with the Mid Autumn Festival.

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