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We've been working with each other for over ten years

Last weekend, our company held a terrific barbecue in a farm yard for our staff who have been working in SHAREATE TOOLS for over 10 years! Adhering to the principle“busy work and brilliant life”, we always put effort into the quality of staff's daily life.

IADC (International Association Of Drilling Contractors) CODES

To make it easier for drillers to describe the rock bit they want, use the IADC classification codes.The IADC bit classification is a system in which the first three digits classify the bit according to the formation it is designed to drill and the bearing/seal design used.

Shareate Mining tricone bit trouble shooting in Bulgaria market

Shareate are just not only reaching the customers requirements, we are exceeding the expectation.

New record high in Vale's operations of Shareate 9-7/8" SGA635 tricone bit

We are happy to report a new record high in Vale's operations: Shareate 9-7/8" SGA635 tricone bit achieved a performance of Meter drilled: 12,814m, ROP: 79m/hr. in Vale S11D, Iron Ore mine. Appreciate sent for customer's trust and also our distributor Drillco's effort.

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