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Shareate Exhibition in CIPPE Ends Successfully

On June 8 to 10, Shareate joined in CIPPE with our products of precision component for the first time. It came into an end in a big success. Our company attached much importance to this exhibition. Our staff members warmly received guests interested in our products and exchanged gifts to each other.

Shareate provide customers with mining technical services

We sent technological staff to the local mine regularly in order to investigate data about bit damage degree and fitness to the formation. We are expected to provide better service and maximize our customers' benefit.In this case, our staff came to Benxi in liaoning province.

We've been working with each other for over ten years

Last weekend, our company held a terrific barbecue in a farm yard for our staff who have been working in SHAREATE TOOLS for over 10 years! Adhering to the principle“busy work and brilliant life”, we always put effort into the quality of staff's daily life.

IADC (International Association Of Drilling Contractors) CODES

To make it easier for drillers to describe the rock bit they want, use the IADC classification codes.The IADC bit classification is a system in which the first three digits classify the bit according to the formation it is designed to drill and the bearing/seal design used.

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